Heather is moving

April 1st



503.502.8121 - cell phone/text

Hello lovely patrons of the ST. Fancy!

I am just going to post my email to my lovely clients on this site so its known! I started to speak of this potential shift in December and it all came to a head in January. I’m sure those who have visited me have heard of my marriage and that my husband is in a different state, so it was inevitable! Fancy is being sold to a friend of a co-worker here, so not much will change as far as the brick and mortar. I have referrals for you if you need them, but i am moving as of April 1st. If you need to reach out to me my phone number is there, my email is also still active for communication. I am starting a mailing list for the potential times i may come up to cut hair, but i am unsure of my consistency.

I just LOVE ya’ll so much for supporting me, my girls, my family and hope that you continue to support the loving hair home that was created for you, my extended family. See you as we grow along in this journey called life!


I am fascinated by the cranium. All parts of it! I love to really take a good hard look at you and your natural hairs tenancies to best appropriate your hairstyle for you. Weather it be wash and go, with a little product, or if you're a daily styler.  I want to suit a hairstyle for your lifestyle. I don't just want to cut your hair, I want to get to know YOU so you and your hair can evolve together.

I've been circling my clients heads for over 12 years now and I couldn't imagine a far better profession to be involved in. I adore each and every one of YOU as individuals and try to approach you where you're at and work on your goals with you. Good hair doesn't happen overnight, but we sure as hell can try! I adore short cuts, long cuts, and anything I between. Really though, i LOVE change and if thats what you're seeking I am your gal.  I am also astute at watching curl patterns and shrinkage factors. I also get along quite well with children and teens, I try to take the fuss out of the emotion of the hair and just have fun with them as much as they will let me! Bold colors or subtle tones, let's help you find yourself in all that hair up there, eh? I want you to love your hair, and yourself.



energy Work

Brain Drain/Cranial Sacral with Blowout

                      30 Minutes                                                                                                   $70






Kids (10 and under)


Extra Long or Thick Hair

add $10+

Bang Trims

Free For Current Clients of Heathers, otherwise




STYLING/Chemical Services

Shampoo & Style


Flat Iron


Perm (Includes Cut)

$175 and up

Chemical Straightener or Root Retouch
*Consultation Required



Keratin Smoothing


Deep Conditioning Treatment
Scalp Manipulation + Blowout




All Over Color
ammonia free option $10+


Bleach (all over)                                                                                                                 $120

Bleach Touch Up






Partial Highlight / Balayage


Full Highlight / Balayage


Duo Color + Highlights