We are a group individuals that have banded together to produce a fantastic salon experience.

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Starting at $40


Were individuals that have banded together to produce a fantastic co-creating experience with you and your hair needs. We really try to listen to your lifestyle and upkeep needs to suit you best.

Heat Style

Starting at $40


For when you are just seeking someone else to do your hair, then let us do it FOR you! Wash, Dry and Styled.  Done!

All Over Color


Starting at $70+


All over color is when you are seeking one to three shades lighter or darker from your natural without lifting previous color from the hair.  If you are seeking more change than this, please consult your stylist before booking




A gloss is a type of color which translucently covers the hair and lets its natural tone shine though while still masking slightly or shifting the multi tonalities of the hair, or you can just add some shine to your mane too!


Starts at$85



Hair painting is a new technique in which the hair is painted to look as if the light has naturally kissed or shifted the color tones as they go down the hair shaft. Highlights just aren't highlights anymore.